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BPM Expert Solutions and Consultancy Services

You have worked hard for your applications, so avail our BPM consultancy to make your life easier and help you deliver excellence.

Dosvak UI Toolkit

Collection of 36 Custom Advanced Controls and Composite Controls based on BPM UI Toolkit

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Process & Performance Tools

Hassle Free tools to maintain, administer and performance tune your IBM BPM environment.

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Integration Monitor

Monitor all your integrations from one place and within you rProcess Server and get alerted before downtime hits.

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Whats so special about our products?

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

Our products are crafted based on 20 years of experience in the field of IBM BPM, and deliver a rich and elegant functionality mix, in a user friendly and intuitive user interface. All our products run on both Process Center and Process Server to provide in-house solutions to development, administration, monitoring and QA reviews of Process Application code base.

A few things we’re great at

We provide expert solutions, and like to present quickly prototyped options to the Business Users which they can see in action and relate to. We excel from deisgn phase all the way upto acceptance phase. All our consultants are hands on experts in their field.

Responsive Design

All our products leverage responsive design and will run on any screen size. 

Simple Licensing

We provide enterprise licensing, you buy one license and can deploy on as many Process Servers or Process Centers as needed.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is optimum for a small-business as well as an enterprise.

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Our Executive Team

We beleive in quality and not quantity of work, each of our team member is a one man army and expert in their domain. 

Kusum Singh


Owner and Manager at Dosvak.