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Creating a IBM BPM Reusable Template Component from Regular HTML Template

Moving from Heritage Human Services (HHS) to Client Side Human Services (CSHS)

Moving from Heritage Human Services(HHS) to Client Side Human Services (CSHS)


  • CSHS run scripts (formerly Server Scripts) client side. This is a performance improvement when using boundary events. All of the flow of control and data runs on your browser. However, if you include a System Service on your Human Service, this service will still run on the IBM BPM Server. The communication for the call is entirely seamless and handled for you by the human service engine.
  • CSHS coach validation framework implementation is different than HHS. There is a new Data Change Tab in Coach Properties
  • Error Handling framework is also different between CSHS and HHS, error handler similar to BPD/Processes
  • Responsive property of coach views, intended for use on multiple devices check box
  • Advanced design time Preview of Coach Views
  • Positioning properties of Coach Views, More interactive preview in coach designer
  • HHS allow nesting of other HHS while HHS may not be nested in CSHS. How is nesting done in CSHS ?
  • Support for themes and Theme Editor
  • From 8.5.7 onwards CSHS also allows copy and paste of CSHS components
  • Since scripts run client side you can use browser debugging.
  • Newer features like case management can only be used in CSHS
  • You need newer browsers for best rendering for CSHS.
  • Performance of designer is tied to client machine and browser performance.
  • You need not convert your HSS to CSHS since it will not be an optimal exercise.

Moving to Web based Process Designer from Desktop Process Designer



  • Overview and comparison, where is what ?
  • how to see references/where used
  • where to look for validation errors
  • auto save feature collaboration feature HYBRID vs explicit Save
  • limit on maximum number of open editors
  • limitations for very large Coaches and workaround
  • how to switch snapshots and revert artifacts from previous snapshots
  • how to debug services and processes using web PI
  • using process inspector directly to search for all instances
  • tagging
  • smart folders public tag
  • search by start typing
  • selecting multiple artifacts, selection mode
  • creating a new theme or importing theme.
  • Code Assist functionality
  • Decision services are they missing ?
  • converting services, UI and BPDs

Overview and Usage of Dosvak Process and Performance Tools

Spark UI / BPM UI Toolkit Overview